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"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service on my recent order. When my parents called to thank me just a few short days after I ordered their gift, I was very surprised how fast they had received it. They were absolutely delighted by this book of memories, and said that it had them laughing and recalling what life was like when they first fell in love.

Also, I had been a little nervous about the astrological report since my parents aren't really into that kind of thing, but they got a kick out of that as well since the descriptions seemed to fit them so well." Thanks so much. --Joy T

"My parents received their anniversary book this morning and they absolutely love it!

I want to thank you so much for getting this done so quickly and so well, and for all the personal care you took with my order. It really made a big difference to me.

My mother is a graphics artist and has very high standards for desk-top publishing. She is very impressed with the way the book was put together, the fonts you use, the paper you chose, and the way it was done. She said you even wrapped the book, as well as the box it came in with tissue paper to protect them.

I'm always a little nervous when I order something over the Internet, because it's so difficult to ascertain the quality. That's why it was so great to hear how much they liked it."

Thanks, again!! Best regards. --Linda

"Hello - this is just a message to inform you that I received my order today and it is FANTASTIC! I took a peek trying very hard not to ruin the beautiful wrapping and from what I could see, everything was great. Names were all spelled correctly and the contents of the book were awesome!

Thanks so much for creating such a special keepsake for my parents' 50th anniversary!"

I will recommend you to my friends! Sincerely, Natalie Hurley

I received my book this morning, and it exceeds my expectations. Thank you so much for putting a 'rush' on it! My grandparents 60th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and I know this gift will be the talk of the party:) --Amy Main

"I received this edition for my parents, and I just had to tell you, how much I love it!!

It is such a well put together, unique, and interesting reflection for them to enjoy! Kudos, to everyone for their input, and effort making it possible for us to present such a special gift for such a special occasion! Along with the book, the ordering, packaging and shipping, all made simple, timely, and affordable!!

My friend is getting one for his parents, you may already have the order!! I will tell everyone I know!! Thank-You, so very much!!" Kindest Regards, Bonnie Underwood

"We gave my parents the book we bought from your site for their 50th Anniversary - it was a huge hit. I will highly recommend your product. It is a true keepsake!" --Joanne Moore
"My in-laws received their 60th Anniversary book yesterday at their party and I just want to say they were thrilled and it became the topic of conversation. It was a very elegant and unique gift. Thank you so much." --Debra Nickels

"I just received my order today from When We Were Married and it's wonderful! I ordered it for my grandparents 50th anniversary next month and I'm sure they will love it.

My order got here quickly and I couldn't be more pleased. I like how the entries are personal, especially the astrological section. It will really make them feel special.

You've got a GREAT product here that everyone should know about! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

I will order from you again!" --Kelly Marsh

"I just recieved my second book and it too is truly amazing. You all do a great job. Now that I have found you, you won't be able to get rid of me. I will be back! Thanks to you and all your wonderful staff."

Keep up the great work! --Dian De Melis

"My in-laws received their present last week. They were very appreciative and impressed with the quality presentation of your book. I would gladly recommend your service to anyone looking for a present for those "hard to buy for" couples. Thanks again. " --W. Royse

"Hi...I ordered the When We Were Married book for my Mom and Dad's 60th Anniversary.... I just wanted to let you know that they received it along with the music CD and it brought tears to their eyes.......they were so happy and loved the idea of reading everything about 1949 that they probably have mom just kept saying how beautiful the book was.......and they loved the CD......they listened to it over and over again!!!

 I searched for a long time trying to find something other than a "dust collector". My parents live quite a distance from me so I couldn't be there with them for their 60th Anniversary......but in their hearts......they know I was.......

Just a thank you for a beautiful idea and a gift that made my parents very very happy!!

 A very satisfied customer......" Lynn a. Terminiello

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my order for a When You Were Married book for my mother and father in law for their 50th wedding anniversary on time and as promised.

Before I found your web site, I was unsuccessful at finding a unique keepsake gift for this special anniversary. I called on a Wednesday for a gift I needed that weekend and it arrived two days later. My husband and I enjoyed reading it over before we wrapped it up to give to them.

I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found your web site. His parents loved the gift - it is something they will treasure for many years to come.

Thanks for your wonderful customer service - I will definitely spread the word about your products!" --Renee

"I ordered "When We Were Married" for my sister's 40th wedding anniversary gift and I believe my husband and I had as much fun going through it before we wrapped it as they will at the party!

I was impressed with the speed which you sent it as well. I had only started to think about a gift last week and the party is tonight!! Once again, thank you so much! I've recommended this gift to everyone." --Kathy P

"I just received my order this afternoon of "When We Got Married" it was a gift for my husband for our 2nd wedding anniversary. I was supposed to give it to him next Saturday, October 1 but I couldn't hold back so I gave it to him today. He was a little bit skeptic in opening it since it is not our anniversary yet so I had to start opening it in front of him until he got curious and took over.

 At first he was just looking at it but when he saw our names and our wedding date he was very surprised and happy about it and tears came out from his eyes. We looked through it together and started reminiscing on everything that had happened that year of 2003 and some of it we didn't even know or remember at all.

It was simple and sweet to be sharing a time like that with the special person in your life. I greatly recommend it to anyone. I'll be coming back and ordering again for my friends who will be celebrating their anniversaries too as this will make a great anniversary gift to give and share with them.

Again, thank you so much for making our 2nd year anniversary special." --Sincerely, A. Rivera

"I would just like to say how pleased I was with my recent order. Not only was the shipping quick, but I was pleasantly surprised by the contents. When you order something off the internet without really knowing anything about it, you're taking a chance. But I am so glad I took this chance. It really paid off.

I purchased a gift for my in-laws to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The booklet you sent was outstanding. It totally surpassed my expectations. I was afraid it might be on the tacky side (things on the internet tend to look better on the net than in real life), but to the contrarary, it was professional looking and so comprehensive. I can't believe all the facts and details that went into it. Needless to say, my in-laws were totally impressed.

We had agonized for months about getting just the perfect gift - and we found it thanks to your company! Although we purchased the gift just a week before their anniversary, no one would ever guess that it was a last-minute gift. It looks like something we had planned for for months. Thank you so much! Your product helped save the day.

I have already added your site to my "favorites" on the internet for future reference. I can see using this site for many occasions to come. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!!!" --Debbie Baker Gibbons

"I have not seen the album yet, but I ordered it for my parent's 60th Anniversary last week. They were thrilled at how much information and how nice it is. My mom stated that every time she looks thru it she cries. They were both very impressed with the detail and how "thoughtful we were to ship this favorite gift to them." Thanks for making it easy to thrill and make my parent's 60th Anniversary memorable for them even though I could not be there with them." Thanks so much," --Linda Craft
"Hello – I recently rush ordered a 50th Anniversary book and received it yesterday – it was wonderful! I am not going to be able to attend the party but am positive that they will love this gift. I appreciate you getting it together and shipped so quickly. You can be sure I will pass along your webpage to friends and family for future gift occasions. Thanks again!" --Donna Perryman

We received our second copy of the Golden edition "When we were married book" and want to say thank you for all of your help. The quality of the book is very good and I'm sure my sister and her husband will love it. We appreciate you helping us after we discovered that we submitted the wrong wedding date by mistake. Your customer service is excellent.

We will highly recommend you to all of our friends. Sincerely. --James and Marilyn Halm

"Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful book, my in-laws really enjoyed it!!! A great resolution as to what to get the couple that has everything for their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Thanks." --Bill and Diane Gibson
"I just received my Golden Edition on When we were married. It is awesome. I can't wait to give it to my parents. Thanks again and thanks for allowing the opportunity to receive it in such short notice." --Lisa
"Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived at the Sutton's in time for their big celebration. They LOVED the book! Thanks for helping make the day special for my Aunt and Uncle." --Kathy Puplava

"I received the book I ordered today and must say that I am very pleased with the book and the service. I will recomend you to others. Thank You"  Sandy DePretis

"My friends received the book and were delighted -said it was a wonderful 50th anniversary gift and brought back many wonderful memories. They were impressed with the quality of he paper and the packaging. Thank you very much for handling this order in such an efficient manner." --Elena Tosti
"We ordered a 50th anniversary book for my grandparents and They LOVED it, it was amazing... they were looking through it the very next day, and even played the CD at the party... Thank You, I will be ordering from you in the future, and a when you were born for both of my kids...." --Cassandra C
"Thank You, I received this on Thursday, earlier than expected. You did a wonderful job, it was just as described on your web site. I am sure that my parents will absolutely love it. I am planning on having others done for upcoming anniversaries, and have also told my kids about it, because I would like one given to me and my wife for our anniversary present. Thank you again for your outstanding service, this is a great gift at a very reasonable price." -- Sincerely, Joe Seitz
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What an incredible service you offer. My parents 50th anniversary is in August but because my sister is moving to another province we are celebrating in on June 23rd. I ordered your Golden 50th Anniversary edition. Not only were you fast it was absolutly perfect. I can't wait until my parents see it. They are both avid readers but they have also been together and have everything the need, which made it difficult to find "the Perfect gift". You have created the perfect gift." --Thanks again, Anne and John
"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful customer service that was provided to me, ensuring that my order was processed correctly. I am extremely pleased with the book that my family gave to our parents for their 40th wedding anniversary. They loved the book too!" --Thanks! Ann
"Thank you so very much.........the package was waiting for us when we arrived in PA! The celebration was wonderful and they really liked the book/CD. Will keep you in mind for further celebrations!" --Thanks again, Pat
"I just wanted to say, THANKS!!! You guys are awesome! I ordered the "when we were married" album last Saturday and my parents anniversary is tomorrow! It was delivered today!!! I am so grateful! The album and cd's are so preciously wrapped and the box that covers the album is beautiful for both to enjoy! Thank you so much for
being respectful of their anniversary date and getting it to me perfectly on time! I will definitely tell others about this site! I truly appreciate the fantastic service! Thanks again!" --Kathy Yuhasz
"Dear Sirs, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service, fast shipment and quality product! I ordered this last week, received a notification of shipment on Friday, and it was delivered to me on Monday! I would recommend your services to anyone! --Kindest Regards, Ashley
"I just want to say that I received my "when we were married" book today. It is way beyond my expectations. I ordered it for my husband for our 40th anniversary, which isn't until December. I of course opened it and was amazed a how well put together it is. I can't wait until December to give it to him so he will be getting it soon. I'm sure at our anniversary party then our guest will be just as excited about it as I was. I plan on having it passed around as a sign in book, which I'm sure I’ll have many wondering where I got it from. You can be sure I will be letting everyone know. Thanks so much!!!!!!"
"Our order #WBMM-0041759 was processed and received in record time... We sincerely thank you for all your work and honesty in helping us attain this beautiful 60th Anniversary Book for our Brother and Sister-inlaw. The quality is super and we could not be more satisfied. Transactions like this make it a JOY to do business with people like YOU!" Wilfred & Flora Lerma
"I just want to say thank you for helping me pick the perfect gift for my husband on our first anniversary. I am very impressed with the book and how beautiful it looks. This will be something great to look back at 25 years from now. Thank you for getting it done when i needed in a rush shipped to me with no problems and complications." M. White

"Dear Nostalgia Publishing, I can't thank you enough for the extra fast work you did on my order! After I placed the order & paid for super rush shipping, I looked at the timetable & realized I wouldn't get my order till a couple days after my silver anniversary. However, I was thrilled to find out that you rushed it thru production in time to ship it out the very next day, and so I did receive it on my anniversary. This is amazing customer service - WOW, again a million thanks!!! 

We have enjoyed it so much." Best regards, Jan Smith

"Hi- I just received your nostalgia book that we ordered for my mom & dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary and it's terrific- it's wrapped so nicely and we absolutely love the memory book!! I will definitely recommend it to my friends- Thanks for a great product!!" Marcia
"My husband and I just received When We Were Married for our 25th anniversary and I want to personally thank you and tell you how happy we are with our book.
"Dear Nostalgia Publishing, I have received my when we were married book and keepsake case. You all did a wonderful job, I know that my husband will be pleasantly surprised with his gift. I have shown it to my friends, and they were very impressed with the variety of information and the quality of workmanship. I look forward to ordering more books in the future. Once again, thank you." Ava Rush
"Thank you for the beautiful gift item. The couple we gave it to for their 25th wedding anniversary said it ws the BEST gift they received and by far their absolute favorite. You make a great product. Thanks again." Marie Cayuela

"I just wanted to let you know how excited my parents were when they received the 50th Anniversary issue of the memory keepsake that I ordered from your company.  That's all they've been talking about since they received the book.  They also commented on how elegant, well done and the overwhelming amount of information that was provided throughout their years together. 

I truly thank you for offering this memorable keepsake and how fast it was delivered (5 days for a personalized gift - WOW) Thanks again :) Pam, Phoenix Arizona

"I ordered a 50th wedding anniversary book for my parents, this past January.  I was a little worried about having it sent to them directly, rather than seeing it for myself first, but I did it anyway.  My mother called when they received it (right on their anniversary!) and both of them were delighted with the gift!  She said it brought back wonderful memories and was a great keepsake.  I thought I'd let you know you have another satisfied customer and I'll be sure to recommend you. Thank you, Carolyn Ball

"Hello, I just wanted to say that I received my "book" for my parents 65th wedding anniversary and it is very, very nice. Thank you! I am sure that they will love and appreciate all the memories! I will definitely use your services again in the future! Well Done!" Signed a very happy and satisfied customer :) Rachell Green

"Just wanted to say how beautiful the book turned out!   Was pleasantly surprised.    And it was the hit at my sister and brother-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary brunch!    I will recommend your website to others." Karlene Klimek

"Just wanted to tell all of you - my cousin and her husband received the 50th Anniversary Book and were SO excited!  She called me to let me know how wonderful it is!  Many thanks to you! Have a wonderful weekend!  and God bless!" Marlene
"I bought the 50th anniversary book for my parents surprise 50th Anniversary. It was the hit of the party! Everyone enjoyed looking at the book as it was passed around at the party. My parents absolutely love it! Thank you!" Andrew Pursel

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