When We Were Married ~ Poem Choices

Note: We will fill in the number of years
married in the following poems

When We Were Married ~ Sample Dedications
(Limit Approximately 120 Characters)

After all these years together -
Hanging out with you is still my favorite thing to do.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!
Being married to you makes me realize
just how many lucky stars I have.
I Love You - Happy Anniversary!
Happy 1st Anniversary!
On our Golden Anniversary we will read this
book together with our children, our grandchildren,
and our great grandchildren.
Every day spent with you...
is like a dream come true!
Happy 1st Anniversary To Us!
I love you so much Tracy
Happy 25th Anniversary to two special friends!
Love, Sharon & Craig
Happy 40th Anniversary!
Love, Randy, Tina, Michelle, & Cassidy
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom & Dad!
Love, Billy, Christy, Jonathan, and Kelly
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
We all love you so much,
Your Children and Grandchildren
Jackie, I am so happy we have spent the last
ten years of our lives together.
Happy Anniversary - I look forward to
spending the rest of our lives together!
I cherish the day the moment we met -
then, now, & forever....
I love you... It's as simple and
as complicated as that.
In my dreams, the perfect love has your smile,
your voice, your touch, your name.
It's always been you, then, now, and forever!
Michael, I Love You So Much!
May your special day be filled with all
the joys of friendship, laughter, and love.
Love, Glen & Marlene
On this day...
Our lifetime of forever began...
I love you so much!
On this day...My life was made complete,
and our lifetime of forever began...
I Love you, Happy Anniversary!
To celebrate the beginning of a lifetime together.
I love you Dan - Happy 1st Anniversary!
To my loving wife and best friend
who has made my life complete.
To the most Beautiful, Smart, Funny, Sexy woman I know.
You are my Best Friend, My Dream Come True,
and My One True Love. Thank you for being you!
Ten years with you has been a beautiful
beginning to our always and forever.
I love you. Happy Anniversary.
Twenty-years together,
just the beginning... of forever.

On this day...
Our lifetime of forever began...
I love you, Daniel

And the magic goes on...
Very special wishes on your 40th Anniversary.
Bill & Alex
Wishing you happiness for a lifetime of tomorrows.
Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad
With All My Heart, All My Life
I Have Promised My Love to You.
Happy 1st Anniversary Sweetie!
With special thoughts and
best wishes for your anniversary.
Don Swain
We cherish your friendship and all of the
wonderful memories we have shared.
Congratulations - here's to fifty years!
We love you, Joan & Bill
In all this world you'll never find a love as true as mine.
Love Always and Forever, Laura
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!
Have fun looking back and remembering...
Love, your children and grandchildren
In my dreams the perfect love has your smile,
your touch and your sweet voice.
Thank you for the best days of my life sweetie!
Love always, Michelle
Honey, My life is complete
With you by my side.
I Love You So Much!
With you by my side...
I've found all that I've waited for
& I could not ask for more...
Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!
Here's to Us on our Special Day!
& here's to many more wonderful ones ahead!
Happy Anniversary David!
My Love for you keeps growing...
each moment, each day, each year!
Happy Anniversary Kaitlyn
Wishing you both many more years
of beautiful memories together...
Happy 50th Anniversary!
Congratulations on your 50 years of togetherness...
May you enjoy many more in good health and happiness!
Love, Richard, Carol and family
I first fell in love with your smile,
but your heart has kept me in love with you.
Love, Heath
Happy 40th Anniversary!
Wishing you many more years of
joyous celebrations and precious memories.
Love, Smitty & Mary.
Happy 60th Anniversary!
Wishing you both many more years
of beautiful memories together...
Love, Brian & Laura
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad:
The two people we respect and
admire the most in life.
Love always, Randy & Sharon
Happy 1st Anniversary!
Through thick and thin we remain ONE! 
I love you and on our Golden Anniversary
we can share this book with
our children and their families. 
Congratulations on your 60th wedding anniversary! 
We feel privileged to share this day with you and
will always treasure our memories of yesterdays.
Love Always...Your Family
We want to wish you both a wonderful 60th wedding anniversary.
You guys are one of a kind.
May you have many more years of happiness together.
Best Wishes from Bill & Marie Wallace, Integria Financial
 I will always cherish the day
you and I became "one". 
When we were married I became the happiest
guy in the world and still remain so. 
I can only hope to make you as happy
as you make me everyday.
I Love You, James
 Happy 35th Anniversary!!!
You are a great inspitation to us.
We love you! 
Jessica, Dolan and the girls.
 Mom and Dad,
Enjoy looking back on the year you were married and
reliving the day you started your journey together. 
Happy 50th Anniversary,
Love, your children and grandchildren.
With All My Heart, All My Life,
All My Love, Forever...
Happy 25th Anniversary Honey!
Enjoy looking back on the year you were married,
reliving cherished memories
and to the new memories yet to come.
We Love you!

Congratulations on 50 years Donna & David!
From all of us at McNair & Associates!
-Jeff, Joe, Kevin, Tanya, Joanne, Tim and Christine

Enjoy the memories Mom & Dad!
Happy 60th Anniversary!
We All Love You Both So Much.
Thank You For Being The Greatest Parents,
Grandparents & Great-Grandparents

Congratulations on your 60th wedding anniversary!
We feel priviledged to share this day with you and
will always treasure our memories of yesterdays.
Love Always...Your Family & Friends

Twelve years together, just the beginning of....forever.
I Love you more everyday.
Happy Anniversary.
Love Cindy

Happy 40th Anniversary!
We hope you enjoy taking a step back in time and
reminiscing about so many of your precious memories.
Love, Tom & Judy